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Welcome to CTN

Is established in October 2006 and its business activity covers. Contracting in the telecommunication sector. We have proved our capabilities in Sitac, CME and TI project of the telecommunication vendors in the regions Jabotabek, West Java, Central Java and East Java, Southern Sumatra, Northern Sumatra, South Sulawesi, Lombok, NTB.

Up to today, in conducting the construction works we achieve zero accident

Citra Teknik Nusantara’s strategic intent is to be a trusted information technology supplier for telecommunication operators globally.

More than 4 years experience in Indonesia, Citra Teknik Nusantara has gained valuable and deep understanding of local markets, cultures and ways of working.These characteristics together with our spirit and values assure us to provide complete solutions for network rollout by well defined services and deliverables.

Citra Teknik Nusantara's has self-promised to be reliable as well as dependable telecommunication consultant.

Company values :
Proactive and honest company environment.
• Continuous developing .
• Project and customer orientation.

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